A Stretch of Highway Two Lanes Wide • 2014 • SF short story by Sarah Pinsker


Meta: isfdb. This SF or weird short story appeared The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, March-April 2014. It was nominated for the 2014 Nebula Award.

Synopsis: Washington farmer Andy lost his arm. It was replaced with a prototypical bionic prosthetic. He gains control over it when it suddenly turns out that his arm thinks it is a road in Colorado:

He struggled to communicate with it. It worked fine; it was just elsewhere. Being a road wasn’t so bad, once he got used to it. People say a road goes to and from places, but it doesn’t. A road is where it is every moment of the day.

Review:  A surreal, unique piece with beautiful prose, literary style, and a very well done character study. Pinsker captures the arm’s landscape to the point, it feels very real like Andy himself, his restlessness and desires for what you can’t have.

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