The Breath of War • 2014 • SF Fantasy short story by Aliette de Bodard


Meta: isfdb. This SF Fantasy short story was published March 2014 in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, #142. It is nominated for the Nebula short story award.

Synopsis: On a planet under civil war, people carve golems called „breath-sibling“ out of stone. Main protagonist Rechan is about to give birth and needs the support of her mysterious breath-sibling who needs to breath at the child otherwise it will be stillborn.

Review:  An interesting take on combining spaceships, childbirth and golems. Rechan put all her hopes and wishes in the golem companion, setting her apart from traditions and conventions in her society, but her intentions changed over the years. It is an emotional story about regret, loneliness, wrong decisions and consequences. The problem with the emotions is that Bodard keeps her narrator too distant and I felt disconnected. The supernatural aspect was also quite strange for me in the context of the SF part.

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