The Devil in America • 2014 • Magical realism novelette by Kai Ashante Wilson


Meta: isfdb. This magic realism novelette appeared 2014 @ It was re-published in The Best SF&F of the Year 2015.

Synopsis: Some time after U.S. Civil War, charming little girl Easter grows up on a tobacco plant in the South. Her life is filled with inherited African magic, full of helpful Angels. When some self-inflicted catastrophe comes up, she takes a pact with the Devil which will be repaid some years later.

Review:  Wilson tries a literary device by throwing in chunks of a narrator’s voice every now and then. In addition, the author tries to strengthen authenticity by using slang like “y’all, must of been, should of been” or a couple of French sentences. It didn’t work at all for me: I was constantly thrown out of the narration, stumbling over those constructs.

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