What Do You Do? • 2014 • weird myster shortstory by Gillian Flynn


Meta: ISFDB. This weird mystery short story appeared 2014 in the Rogues anthology.

Synopsis: The story’s title questions asks for the main protagonist’s job which is easy to answer: She is a customer service representant (read: „handjob whore and esoteric aura reader“) filling the trickster rogue role. She’s got a tongue in the cheek exposition in an unnamed current town who gets involved in a desperate wife’s mysteric house with creepy stepson. Absent husband, cat, library seem to lead to a foreseeable ending, when things start to turn different, so expect some plot twists.

Review: Didn’t know this author, but Flynn seems to be known in the thriller sector and has got awards there. Really creepy, funny, WOW! This is really 5*plus and even better than Abercrombie’s story.


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