A Year and a Day in Old Theradane • 2014 • Scott Lynch


Meta: ISFDB. This fantasy novelette set in the world of First Law appeared 2014 in the Rogues anthology.

Synopsis: A retired gang – all females with the exception of one roboter – coming back into business: They have to steal a whole street in the city of Theradane within a year. World-building and characters are as colorful as you’d wish from Lynch: A second-rank mage now working as a mage-mixologist in a bar inhabiting the skeleton of a crashed dragon; her wife is a kind of machinist for automatons like another member of the gang, who is a kind of human steampunk robot. The same goes for the city which is sparkling of life, colored rain, impersoned gaslamps, spring-wheeled wherejackals and insanely powerful wizards fighting each other.

Review:  I love his Locke Lamora series, but this ain’t one and I even didn’t find anything connecting it to the Gentleman Bastard world. Doesn’t matter, I had a blast reading this hillarious innovation sparkling story. I pray for Lynch’s return to this setting and characters with a full novel!

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