The Haunting of Apollo A7LB • 2015 • shortstory by Hannu Rajaniemi


Meta: no ISFDB, yet. It will appear in his anthology Hannu Rajaniemi: Collected Fiction.

NASA-seamstress.jpg (640×330)

Synopsis: Spacesuits were sewed by seemstresses working at a company better known for making Playtex girdles and bras. First, I thought Rajaniemi was making this up, and I was mildly amused. But then I digged deeper and found some articles about it and even a whole book about it. This is a love story of one of those seamstresses and the astronaut – or to be more precise the haunted suit of the dead astronaut. The seemstress wants to fulfill her dream and goes to work.

Review: A small story with a small idea, but heartwarming characters – the worried owner awakening in the spacesuit while doing strange things. The resolute seemstress having her own plan.  And the interesting background story itself. I liked the characters and the setting – the plot isn’t that engaging.


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