Deus ex homine • 2005 • posthuman SF shortstory by Hannu Rajaniemi


Meta: ISFDB. This posthuman, cutting edge SF short story appeared 2005 in the Nova Scotia: New Scottish Speculative Fiction magazine and was republished later on in several year’s best anthologies. Additionally, it will appear in his anthology Hannu Rajaniemi: Collected Fiction.

Synopsis: Rogue quantum AI’s turn people into selfish gods. This is a home front story placed in Scotland during a war against bad gods where main protagonist and ex-god Jukka meets his former lover Aileen who is on home leave.

Review: This story led to Rajaniemi’s publication of The Quantum Thief. It is cutting edge SF not intended for the weak-hearded who wants an explanation for every geek term: Recursive self-improving, volition bonding, Quantum, nano, utility fog etc. all spin around in the setting. Rajaniemi’s Finnish and Scottish background define the story’s world, only in some distant future where people struggle against AIs. Awesome ideas with a love story containing a plot that you don’t expect. His stories don’t make sense initially like those of Charles Stross, they need time to build up but the end velocity is stellar.


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