Twelve Tomorrows 2014 • SF story anthology by MIT Technology Review


Meta: ISFDB, edited by Bruce Sterling

Near-Future SF: prosthetics sport, internet of things, hacktivism, economy locusts, and trans-human

This is the third annual anthology featuring several highly praised and awarded SF authors, with the first in the row being The Best New Science Fiction – see also my review of the 2013 edition. The stories‘ topic is Near Future SF, none was published before.

I absoluteley needed to get this anthology – not as an ebook but printed, because it contains a great gallery of John Schoenherr – some of his famous Dune illustrations are reprinted in full color. The anthology differs from other anthologies in adding an interview (with Gene Wolfe) and a review of a book by Stanislaw Lem.

My favourite ★★★★★ stories were

  • Petard: A Tale of Just Deserts by Cory Doctorow
  • Slipping by Lauren Beukes

Zero, ★ or  ★★ for me were

  • Countermeasures by Chris N. Brown

Contents (from isfdb):


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