Ruminations in an Alien Tongue • 2012 • SF shortstory by Vandana Singh


A triangle love story complicated by multiverses induced by a probabilistic generator which sent a scientist to a different universe than the man she loves. The man keeps returning in a kind of loop every couple of years  to her, everytime forgetting about the past. He isn’t looking for her but for a different woman. It is not a classical romance but tells us about a relationship starting again and again.

I liked the narration’s structure with half page chapters alternating flashbacks, journal entries, info dumps and some poems. I loved the world-building where the mathematician main protagonist spends her time learning the musical languages of the aliens, and poeticas relating mathematics and music. The story itself isn’t awesome but predictable and only interesting in the context of that probabilistic device built by some alien race.

Meta: ISFDB. First published April 2012 in Lightspeed. I’ve read it in The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirtieth Annual Collection. There is an interview with the author about that story.

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