Slow Life • novelette by Michael Swanwick


Meta: ISFDB. Published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, December 2002. It won the Hugo 2003. I’ve read it in the anthology The Dog Said Bow-Wow.

Swanwick’s stories are set in a broad range of SF styles. This Hard SF starts as an exploration mission on Titan focusing on Lizzy O’Brien ballooning over Titan’s surface. They find a chemical soup of ethan, methane, and longer Polysomething chains in the Saturn moon’s ocean – leading to musings about possible life. Until one of the crew members begins to dream…
Unusual and elegant start, great science parts, but the best for me where the disturbing insights into human nature and the dream discussions. It is interleaved with witty dialogues with „unintelligent“ (illiterate) life on Earth.

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