Old Paint • novelette by Megan Lindholm


Meta: ISFDB. First published July 1st 2012 in Asimov’s. I’ve read it in The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirtieth Annual Collection

The complete opposite to Christine set some 30 years in the future. Main protagonist is the family of a single mom who had a quite wild youth. She inherits an „old“ station car from the 2020s – old from the point of view of her children but quite futuristic from mine with its artificial intelligence. The story involves some action with nano viruses turning cars aggressive and the „old“ car has its moments. This SF part philosophizes on AI reliability with safety relevant themes. Maybe it is also related to Pixar Cars. But at the core of the story is the relationship of the family members, the deceased grandpa and the car. Technology, believable characters, a nice story and social relations without horror – loving it!

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