Weep for Day – novelette by Indrapramit Das


Meta: ISFDB. First published in Asimov’s Science Fiction August 2012. I’ve read it in The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirtieth Annual Collection.

Great world-building with a planet gravitationally locked in a permanent half of eternal night and day. The human inhabitants are on the steampunky verge between mediaeval knights and industrialisation, living in the twilight zone and fighting „Nightmare“ monsters on the cold nightside. The eponymous city’s name is set in that part. I don’t know if it were possible that intelligent life develops on such a planet, but I found the ideas of social dynamics very interesting. You discover the setting in the course of the story which nearly doesn’t contain any dialogue. This works very well for a shorter fiction like this. The plot itself is nearly unimportant and predictable – it is the atmosphere making this story very enjoyable.

In the introduction, Gardner Dozois links the author to Gene Wolfe and I see where he comes from; but I thought more of Science Fantasy style by Roger Zelazny. I’ll be watching this new author expecting good stories and read a newer story in a current Apex Magazine.


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